Saturday, June 14, 2008

Mountain Ward Makeover Blog

This blog was created simply to make it easier for members of the Mountain Ward (and perhaps their families and friends) to find the various media clips related to the Mountain Ward Makeover. A brief overview of the project is given, with a few snapshots. The last posting has links to all the media coverage.

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McKinley Home: Before

Here is the McKinleys' home before any of the construction work began.
This is the McKinley family right before they turned their home over to the Mountain Ward.

Getting Started

Here are some pictures of the first steps toward a completely renovated home.

The Youth at Work

Here you can see that the Youth really were leading the way on this project. A new bay window was added to the living room.
The kitchen floor was entirely redone.
The carport was framed and enclosed to become a garage.
Even parts of the ceiling were redone.

Rain or Shine

The Youth's work ethic stayed strong, no matter what happened with the weather.

When the rain began to fall, the house was covered--and the work continued. The stone work was largely done under the plastic tarp.
The last few pieces of siding on the west side were put in place from above.

It truly is an answer to prayers tha no one was hurt during this project!!!

The Night Crew

Each night after the Youth left, a variety of other ward members and neighbors came in to work the night shift.

Many people worked into the wee hours of the morning each night.
Amateurs took part in the project, as well, receiving instruction from the more experienced volunteers as they went.

The new kitchen floor begins to take shape.

Double Time!!!

The last few days of the project were done in "double time." On Friday afternoon, just hours before Youth Conference was officially set to end, it was announced that the ENTIRE home would be redone (including a new sprinkler system, new sod, and new landscaping)--all by Monday at 6 pm.

The new living floor was set in place once the painting had been done in that room.
Late Wednesday night, the bathroom was added to the project list--new floors and all!
Once the cupboards were installed, the kitchen really began to take shape.
When the oil-based wall caused the latex-based paint to peel off, Sister Montgomery was called in to the rescue--with wall paper.
A new stone mailbox--not part of the original plan--was also put in.
From Friday on, the "night crew" really became the "wee-hours-of-the-morning" crew.