Saturday, June 14, 2008

Double Time!!!

The last few days of the project were done in "double time." On Friday afternoon, just hours before Youth Conference was officially set to end, it was announced that the ENTIRE home would be redone (including a new sprinkler system, new sod, and new landscaping)--all by Monday at 6 pm.

The new living floor was set in place once the painting had been done in that room.
Late Wednesday night, the bathroom was added to the project list--new floors and all!
Once the cupboards were installed, the kitchen really began to take shape.
When the oil-based wall caused the latex-based paint to peel off, Sister Montgomery was called in to the rescue--with wall paper.
A new stone mailbox--not part of the original plan--was also put in.
From Friday on, the "night crew" really became the "wee-hours-of-the-morning" crew.

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